Who we are

I had the opportunity to work in a beautiful hotel nestled in the midst of a picturesque vineyard. It was truly a magical place. Oh, and there was also an excellent restaurant. Although I've been in the hospitality industry for quite some time, there are always moments that capture your attention.

On that day, what caught my interest were the complaints from my colleague. She was in charge of purchasing for the hotel and restaurant, and everything was a real mess. Dozens of suppliers, invoices, goods receipts, phone calls, and email addresses. All of this just to do her job.

And then an idea came to mind:

What if everything could be bought in one place, online?

What if all the information was available there and those complaints disappeared?

That's when the idea of Pink Ant was born. Of course, it took a few years before I mentioned it to my partners (who are also seasoned hoteliers), and even longer before we gathered the courage to embark on this adventure.

We understand what you're going through, and we understand the problem of searching and finding suppliers to help lighten those busy days filled with customers.

That's why we work hard every day. For you.

Our products