Catering cups

Where to buy glasses for bars and restaurants?

Discover the entire collection of glasses for the hospitality industry at Pink Ant. We have a wide range of glasses for hotels, hostels, rural houses and tourist apartments.

The stock is permanent and delivery is made within 4-5 working days.

Hospitality Glassware that Defines the Customer Experience

In hospitality, every detail counts, and glasses are no exception. The right choice can enhance a beverage and improve the overall customer experience. Pink Ant offers a collection of glasses that combines design, functionality and durability, ideal for any type of establishment.

Hotel Glasses that Reflect Elegance and Quality

In a hotel, from breakfast to the last drink at the bar, the glass used can make all the difference. Our range includes versatile options to suit different environments and occasions, from room service to events and banquets.

Bars and Restaurants: Glasses for Every Beverage and Presentation

A fine wine, a special cocktail or simply a soft drink, every drink deserves the right glass. Pink Ant offers a variety of glasses that adapt to the needs of each restaurant, ensuring that each drink is served in the most appropriate way.

Wholesale Tumblers for Endless Nights

We know that bars can be in high demand, especially during weekend nights or special events. That's why we offer wholesale solutions, ensuring that you always have the stock you need to serve your customers. In addition, our glasses are designed to withstand continuous use without losing their luster or quality. 

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