Shot Glasses

Where to buy shot glasses?

Discover the entire collection of shot glasses for the hospitality industry at Pink Ant.

We have a wide range of shot glasses for hotels, hostels, rural houses and tourist apartments. The stock is permanent and delivery is made within 4-5 working days.

Find shot glasses for different types of hospitality businesses.

Original Shot Glasses: The Detail that Makes the Difference

In the world of hospitality, every element counts to offer a unique experience to customers. Shot glasses, although small, have a big impact on the presentation and tasting of liquors and specialty drinks. At Pink Ant, we offer a collection of shot glasses that are not only functional, but also original and stylish.

What measurements should shot glasses have?

In the tab of each product, you can find the description of each shot glass with the detail of each one of them. If you have any questions you can use the contact form located in each of the products in the store. We will answer you quickly, so that you do not have delays in the decision of the model to buy.

Remember that shot glasses are always available in our store. The measurements of each model are important when it comes to meeting your customers' needs.

Are the shot glasses of good quality?

The shot glasses that are part of the tableware collection are made with the best components on the market. This is so that we can provide a service according to the customer's expectations, which directly impacts their experience.

Made with top quality materials, the shot glasses seek to meet not only a resistance issue but also to be able to adapt to the aesthetic and design needs you need.

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