Closed Sneakers

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Discover the entire collection of closed slippers for hotels in Pink Ant. We have available a wide range of closed slippers for hotels, cottages, hostels and all types of tourist accommodation. The stock is permanent and delivery is made within 2-3 working days.

Find closed-toe sneakers in different designs. Ideal for those who are looking for something different, both in classic and modern designs. You can find a variety of models so that the decision can be easier.
We can send closed slippers by transport to all the Peninsula, in the units that you want, without limit of purchase.

Our goal is one: to help you choose the best quality closed slippers at the best price, so that you can provide the best service to your guests during the season.

What features should your closed-toe shoes have?

In each Product Details, you can find the different characteristics of each type of closed slippers that adapt to your hospitality business. If you have any questions you can use the contact form located in each of the products in the store. We will respond quickly, so you do not have delays in deciding which model to buy.

We always offer different options, as it is the most common in the hospitality world. The amenities for your guests are fundamental, and the closed slippers are part of them.

Will transportation reach the entire peninsula? 

That's right. That's why we partner with the best logistics companies in the country, and even internationally for shipments to the rest of Europe.

Many of our closed toe shoe customers are located in remote towns or places on the peninsula. We know this and that's why we do our best to reach you.

The costs are calculated by volumetric weight. You will be able to see the amount in the payment screen, after selecting your closed sneakers.
In the case of returns, the same companies will come to your business, so that you will not have any problems.

Closed slippers in large quantities

Contact us without problems because we will always want to help you. We can quote the price of large volumes. Always with the best price and delivery conditions. We will be happy to be your reliable catering supplier to solve your purchases without any hassle and always going to the point: your satisfaction.

More information on closed slippers

Doubts always arise, especially in seasonal purchases. That is why within the technical data sheet of each closed sneaker, you can find the specifications of each model. Both of their presentations, color and designs.

If you still have further questions, you will find an inquiry button at the bottom of each product. It is important to us to answer your questions.

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