Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities to ensure that guests are always delighted.

Find hotel amenities for your rooms that will delight your guests. 

Such as soaps, shampoos, shower gels, sponges, hotel towels, toiletry bags, slippers, bath and shower caps. 

Personalized hotel welcome amenities

Customizations are always available, so you can place your business logo on each of the amenities offered. This way, you will be able to give identity to your tourist accommodation in front of your guests.

You can also find Kits and Packs for tourist apartments. Ideal for its practicality and low cost: you will save time and money when receiving your customers.

Why choose Pink Ant as your hotel amenities supplier?

Pink Ant is a leading supplier of hotel amenities in Spain. Each of our amenity collections are packaged to complement a wide range of designs, styles and decors.

Hotel soaps and toiletries designed for the hospitality industry
Whether you own a hotel, resort, tourist apartment, guesthouse or other vacation rental, we strive to be your partner in creating memorable guest experiences. Choose from exclusive collections of hotel toiletries that combine high-quality formulas with thoughtfully designed packaging sure to impress your guests.

Pink Ant distinguishes itself from other suppliers of hotel amenities because our products are of high quality at a very reasonable price. Our experienced customer service team is dedicated to answering all your questions.

As far as logistics is concerned, we only ship by the best carriers in the country, so that your Delivery are 100% secure.

Where to buy Hotel Amenities?

Every month, in season and out of season, you must replenish your amenities for your rooms and bathrooms. Amenities are part of the consumables of hotels, hostels and rural houses.

That is why they are products of permanent rotation for any hospitality business. It is important to have amenities that adapt to the style of your hotel, so that you can maintain the expected quality for each of your guests. The customer experience is related to several aspects, among them the contact with the bathroom and room amenities. That is why it is very important to have good quality amenities.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us through the contact form on the web, whatsapp or phone. We are happy to help you with your purchases.

If you have a problem we will solve it. We won't give you the runaround, whether it's for replacements or refunds. We want to accompany you in your growth. Pink Ant is an ally in your business.

Is it possible to find cheap and quality amenities for your hotel?

You can find economic and good quality amenities in our own online store. Whether soaps, shampoo or amenities packs, among other hospitality products.

Our entire collection of cheap hotel amenities is manufactured to the highest possible quality, with the certifications required by the customer when selecting their hotel products supplier. 

Every season, or even in the middle of it, you must have a complete stock of amenities so that your rooms and bathrooms have all the amenities and your guests feel at ease throughout their stay. To do this, you will want to quickly and easily find the option that is to your liking. We can offer you amenities in different sizes and presentations.

Are the prices of amenities cheap and of high quality?

The fact of making available cheap hotel amenities, amenities at competitive prices, does not imply low quality. 

In each of the categories you can check our competitive prices in each of our products.

Luxury Amenities in all types of Presentations and sizes

Our hotel amenities are available in different presentations and sizes. From those that contain little content for guests who spend little time in your hotel, to those of greater volume that are normally used for longer stays or more people per room. 

On the other hand, we have different designs. Each type of hospitality business has an image that it wants to transmit. That is why everything must be taken as a whole, in order to transmit the right message to the client. 

That's why we have presentations to suit different needs. Wide availability enhances your shopping experience. Comparison of models is made easier and can help you meet your expectations.

What you should know when buying amenities for your hotel

When deciding on a presentation of amenities, you should take into account a series of characteristics.

On the one hand, you must be clear about the desired presentation, in order to be able to buy the right model. They must have the color and size you are looking for, in order to be able to select the best of the available options.

Additionally, you should consider the size of each amenity. To determine it, it is important that you know the type of client you have: if they are short or long stays. If it is for work or if they are families. This will influence the size of the amenities you want to buy.

Discover the advantages of each model in each of the amenities available in your online hospitality supplies store.