Bathroom amenities

Pink Ant offers a wide range of hotel bathroom amenities with a long list of toiletries for you to choose from.

Bathroom products for hotels, hostels and tourist apartments. Ideal for those who are looking for a quick solution for the supply of their bathroom amenities.

Also sought after by all those who want to lower costs. You can find different types, adaptable to your type of business.

Hotel Bathroom Amenities: Small Details, Big Impressions

Bathroom products not only offer comfort to guests, but also reflect the hotel's attention to detail. A well-chosen amenity set can make guests feel cared for and valued.

Wholesale Hotel Bathroom Amenities: Quality at Scale

Buying hotel bath amenities in bulk ensures that all guests have access to high quality personal care products, while efficiently managing the hotel's budget.

Hotel bathroom amenities are essential elements that enhance the guests' experience during their stay. These small details, which include soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, shaving and dental kits, among others, provide everything needed for complete and comfortable personal care.

Personalized bathroom amenities

Customizations are always available, so you can place your business logo on each of the amenities offered. This way, you will be able to give identity to your tourist accommodation in front of your guests.

Why choose Pink Ant as your bathroom amenities supplier?

We are one of the leading suppliers of bathroom amenities in Spain. We believe in high quality and easy to manage hotel toiletries.

Our guest toiletries cover your needs. Our list of hotel toiletries covers all types of hospitality establishments, such as hotels, motels, beach resorts, cottages, vacation rentals, short term rentals, Airbnb, health resorts, country clubs, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

As far as logistics is concerned, we only ship by the best carriers in the country, so that your Delivery are 100% secure.

Where to buy bathroom amenities?

Discover the entire collection of bathroom amenities for hospitality in Pink Ant. We have a wide range of bathroom amenities for hotels, hostels, tourist apartments, and rural houses. The stock is permanent and delivery is made within 2-3 working days.


Bathroom products for hotels

In each product card, you can find the description of each type of bath amenitie with their respective presentations. If you have any questions you can use the contact form located in each of the products in the store. We will answer you quickly, so that you do not have delays in the decision of the model to buy.

Remember that hospitality bathroom amenities are always available in all presentations. Your guests will be able to better enjoy their stay.

Are the bathroom amenities of good quality?

Bathroom amenities are made with the best components on the market. This is because they provide safety when using them, which has a direct impact on the experience of your staff.

The higher the quality of the bathroom amenities, the higher the satisfaction. Our bathroom amenities are specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

We accompany you in your purchases of hotel bathroom products.

Feel free to contact us because we will always want to help you. We can quote the price of a wide range of hotel bathroom products tailored to your needs.

Always with the best delivery conditions. We will be delighted to be your reliable supplier to solve your purchases without giving you any hassle and always going to the point: your satisfaction.

More information about Bathroom Amenities for the Hospitality Industry

Doubts always arise, especially in seasonal purchases. That is why within the technical data sheet of each bath amenities you can find the specifications of each presentation. Both of its varieties, color and design, as well as many other aspects.

If you still have further questions, you will find an inquiry button at the bottom of each product. It is important to us to answer your questions.

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