Restaurant dishes

Tableware is a statement of intent in any hospitality establishment or restaurant. Each plate not only serves as a stand for the culinary delights on offer, but also reflects the identity and quality level of the venue. At Pinkant, our selection of dishes is meticulously designed to meet the demands of both worlds, offering durable, aesthetic and functional solutions.

Hospitality Plates: Durability and Versatility

  • Melamine Plates Ideal for caterers looking for durability without sacrificing style, our melamine plates are resistant to bumps and scratches, making them perfect for everyday use. With a variety of designs, from modern and colorful to classic, they adapt to any environment and type of service.
  • Porcelain Plates Por celain is synonymous with elegance and quality. Our collection of porcelain plates for the hospitality industry combines strength with timeless beauty, suitable for establishments that want to impress their customers with impeccable presentation.
  • Glass Plates Glass plates add a touch of distinction to any restaurant table. Transparent or colored, these plates are ideal for highlighting the presentation of food, allowing the colors and textures of each dish to shine through.

Restaurant Dishes: Style and Presentation

Plate Types Regardless of material, we offer a variety of plate types to suit any dish your restaurant may serve:

  • Plains Plates: They are the base of any table service, perfect to present from a steak to a gourmet salad.
  • Deep Plates: Designed to hold soups and creams, their depth allows you to enjoy more liquid dishes without sacrificing elegance.
  • Dessert Plates: Smaller and often with more detailed designs, they are the perfect closure to a culinary experience, presenting sweets and desserts in an exquisite way.
  • Pasta Plates: With slightly raised rims and a design that facilitates the enjoyment of long pastas, these plates are a must for any Italian restaurant or restaurant that serves pasta as part of its menu.
  • Pizza Plates: Wide and flat, they are designed to hold pizzas of any size, allowing for easy cutting and serving.


Wholesale catering plates

Contact us without problems because we will always want to help you. We can quote the price of large volumes. Always with the best price and delivery conditions. We will be glad to be your reliable supplier to solve your purchases without giving you any hassle and always going to the point: your satisfaction.

More information about our catering dishes

Doubts always arise, especially in seasonal purchases. That is why in the technical data sheet of each dish you can find the specifications of each one. Both their presentations, as well as their color and material.

If you still have further questions, you will find an inquiry button at the bottom of each product. It is important to us to answer them.

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