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Surprise your guests with Welcome Amenities

When guests are in the room, you never know if they are really comfortable. Of course, it's impossible to know. 

What can you do about it? Well, prepare everything for your experience. The essentials are always a must. Sheets and towels are indisputable. But there are other important factors that are a detail. They are not found in all categories of hotels and hostels. And when we talk about temporary tourist apartments as can be an airbnb, then you almost certainly do not see them.

The bad thing is that in the end it is ignored that for very little you can improve that experience. And produce the best of all: keep customers coming back. That's the ideal world.

Hotel amenities are that detail that can help us achieve this goal. They can modify in a high percentage the experience during the stay. Because when they are not there, the client may feel uncomfortable, with the sensation that something is missing.

Types of amenities according to type of guest

When determining what type of amenities are most appropriate for your accommodation, it is essential to analyze the type of client that normally attends the same. They can be families, business travelers or couples who simply travel for leisure. For each of them, for example, we can place different types of shampoos, moisturizing creams or bath gels. If we want to provide a better quality service we can even think of a toothbrush or a comb.

In the case of an airbnb, it might make sense to have a kitchen cleaning kit available. People in this type of accommodation tend to use the kitchen and cutlery, so washing and cleaning them is important.

When children are in attendance, the amenities can be tailored to them. Supplies with drawings and designs help the family feel at ease. As we mentioned before, it is all about details. The best thing is that very little can be achieved with inexpensive, well-priced products.

At Pink Ant, you can find all the amenities you need for every type of guest. As always, in a simple and fast way. So that your concerns are other, as the welfare of your customers and your own time.

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