The best amenities for your tourist apartment

The best amenities for your tourist apartment

As part of the tourist apartment rental team it is important to always have at hand the complete list of amenities, which are essential for your clients to have everything they need to ensure a positive experience during their stay.

Experienced hoteliers will be able to cite a list of hotel amenities from memory, but there are always those who are just starting out in the business. For them, it is important to have memory aids to avoid forgetting to replenish stocks of some hospitality supplies.

1- Bathroom amenities

It's the first thing that comes to mind: shampoos, shower gels and conditioners. Together with hand soap and moisturizers, these are the essential products of bathroom amenities.

Then we can find toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, bath caps, bath sponges and combs. Indispensable for the personal hygiene of your guests. They are not included in the so-called basic items of the first group, but they are undoubtedly important for those who wish to offer a differential. Guests value this kind of details.

Apart from them, there are seals for toilets and other bathroom accessories, always necessary to preserve the hygiene of your bathrooms.

2- Room amenities

We do not end up in the bathroom, but we also have to worry about the rooms. We can find the shoe shine and slippers closed among the complementary amenities. 

Hangers are indispensable. They can never be missing. They can be made of wood (the most classic model), metal or even plastic, which are always very economical. 

3- Kitchen Amenities

It's always something we tend to forget. But the solution is close at hand. Cleaning kits contain detergent, mops and scouring pads and are ideal for leaving on hand.

3- Ecological

Year after year the trends are changing, and the ecological amenities are something that years ago were something new, but now are already in common use and are increasingly present.

In this case it is worth clarifying that it is not only about those that are made without chemicals, but also that the packaging is already part of your family. If you use dispensers, then you will pollute less because they are reusable and last much longer.

Listed guide

We leave here some mentions to serve you as a guide when receiving clients.

A- If your guests are one-night guests, since they are traveling for work, use:

  • 20 ml tubes of shampoo and shower gel or 10 ml sachets (depending on the type of establishment).
  • You can place a dental kit, which is something that is always positive for this type of guests.
  • Always place hangers in the rooms

B- If your guests are a couple staying 2 or 3 days, use:

  • 30 ml tubes or 15 ml sachets for the bath.
  • You can think about offering welcome kits directly. They are practical and will save you money in the long run

C- If you have mostly students as clients, use:

  • Dispensers are indispensable. You save money and they are easy to refill. They are also environmentally friendly.

If your guests are families with children, use:

  • Toothbrushes for children
  • Shower kits for children

On our website you can find all these amenities in different presentations. 

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions and do not forget to visit our collection of hotel amenities.

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