Suitable materials for hotel linens

Suitable materials for hotel linens

After years of the formation of a hotel industry, many owners or purchasing department personnel have the knowledge to be able to choose hotel linens, both fitted sheets and countertops for their hotel.

What are the best materials for hotel sheets?

Cotton has been the most outstanding material for hotel sheets for its excellence. Its softness and strength have made white hotel sheets a fail-safe supply.

The only issue is that the cost factor always looms and so sheets made of cotton and polyester have been gaining ground. Price is not the only factor. They usually have greater durability and additionally require less ironing. But on the other hand, softness is lost. That is to say that they provide less comfort when making up the bed.

That is why each hotel, hostel or rural house, must select the appropriate material that corresponds to the service they want to provide and of course with the price of the room that the guest must pay.

The threads of the sheets

Another factor is the number of threads in a sheet. It is well known that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will be. But in truth this fact cannot be taken in isolation. The above mentioned about the material is directly related.

Even if a sheet has for example 400 threads, which would be a symbol of high quality, if it is for example made of 70% polyester, then it would not reach the desired softness.

It is therefore important that both factors are taken into account. If you are looking for quality in your hotel sheets then first select the manufacturing material (preferably cotton), and then the threads. The higher the thread count, the better hotel sheets you will find.

El Percal

Percale is a technique that is made with plain weave or basket weave, one thread on top and one thread underneath. As a result, its weave is tight and regular. A minimum of 80 threads per square centimeter is necessary during weaving to ensure a percale. The result is greater flexibility and strength. The tighter and denser the percale weave, the better.

All of today's quality sheets are made with this weaving technique.

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