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Hotel Amenities: What are they, types and where to buy them?

What are hotel amenities?

Hotel amenities are courtesy products that hotel establishments make available to their guests to make their stay more comfortable and pleasant.

Hotel amenities

These products may include toiletries, such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, moisturizing cream, toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as other items of common use, such as bathrobes, slippers, umbrellas, sewing kit and shoe cleaning kit, among others.

In short, amenities are those products that a hotel makes available to its guests, in order to enhance their experience during their stay, and can be classified into different families.

In what type of hotels can we find them?

Commonly in all hotel categories, but are more present in luxury hotels. The hotel industry has expanded in recent years through short-stay apartments, hostels, inns, hostels, among other types of accommodations. That is why they have become indispensable when it comes to receiving guests. We could even say that they have become a commodity in the hospitality market.

Among their most relevant properties we can mention their aroma, texture, packaging and even their durability. It is important that they can be used during the whole stay.

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Types of hotel amenities 

  1. Bathroom amenities: These are personal hygiene products found in the bathroom of the room, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, moisturizing cream, shower gel, among others.
  2. Room amenities: These are products found in the room that are not related to personal hygiene, such as bathrobes, slippers, umbrellas, sewing kit, shoe cleaning kit, among others.
  3. Welcome amenities: These are the products offered to guests at check-in, such as a bottle of water, a box of chocolates, a fruit tray, among others.
  4. Eco-friendly amenities: Eco-friendly amenities are an increasingly popular choice in the hospitality industry. These complimentary products are designed to minimize environmental impact and encourage sustainable practices.

Tips for choosing the best hotel amenities

  1. Knowing guests' needs: It is important to know guests' tastes and needs in order to offer the right products. For example, if the hotel mainly receives business travelers, they may prefer amenities that help them relax after a long day of work, such as aromatherapy products or special pillows.
  2. Look for quality and variety: Guests value the quality of amenities, so it is important to choose high quality products that meet their expectations. In addition, it is advisable to offer a variety of products so that guests can choose what suits them best.
  3. Personalization: Offering customized amenities can make a difference in the guest experience. For example, include a welcome card with the guest's name on it or offer toiletries with personalized fragrances.

Pink Ant as a supplier of hotel amenities

  • Our product range: At Pink Ant we offer a wide variety of hotel amenities, including toiletries, room amenities and welcome products.
  • Our focus on quality: We work with recognized brands and high quality products to guarantee guest satisfaction.
  • Personalized and tailored service: We offer a personalized service tailored to the needs of each hotel, to ensure guest satisfaction and efficiency in inventory management.

As a conclusion ...

Hotel amenities are a key element in delivering a satisfying guest experience. Choosing the best hotel amenities involves knowing the needs of guests, looking for quality and variety, and customizing products to offer a unique experience.

At Pink Ant, we offer a wide range of high quality products and a personalized service to adapt to the needs of each hotel and guarantee guest satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable hotel amenities supplier, do not hesitate to contact us.

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