Guide to choosing the perfect dinnerware for your hotel or restaurant

Guide to choosing the perfect dinnerware for your hotel or restaurant

The production of tableware for the hotel and catering industry in the world is very wide. There are several materials that are common for its production. Resistant, of different shapes and sizes and with traditional or unusual finishes. We can find these characteristics in different pieces such as bowls, trays, salad bowls and cups. 

The variety is practically incomprehensible. But it is true that there are as many options as there are hotels and rural houses. Each one of them with a different style. Therefore, hotel supplies are updated year by year, with the change in tourism trends.

What is hotel tableware?

Tableware is the name given to all utensils used in restaurant service. Examples of tableware are cutlery, glasses, plates, wine and beer glasses and ramekins, among others.

Virtually all hotels and hostels offer a catering service for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The most important part of this issue is to be able to choose the right hotel or restaurant tableware, i.e. "the right one". And the question that comes up first is "which one is the right one?"

The hotel staff needs to prepare the food at high speed and in large quantities, serve the guests or clients at the tables and in the rooms, and then remove and take it to the kitchen for washing. This whole process, which is repeated indefinitely, makes the characteristics of the tableware very important.

Here are some points to consider:

1- Choose the material of your tableware based on functionality and durability, not just design:

It is normal that the first option goes through the design. Looking nice is important but being a hospitality business, we can't leave aside the composition.

In our article on types of tableware we talked at length about this subject. 


  • Porcelain is a quality material that can be easily cleaned and withstands light scratches. On the other hand, it is somewhat fragile, so its renewal ends up being constant. 
  • Melamine is practically unbreakable but its appearance is not optimal and with time it loses its shine. It is normally used in businesses related to fast food.
  • Finally, glass is beautiful, it adapts to most designs, but it is extremely fragile. In the case of glasses and cups, there is practically no other option. You must take into account that the renewal will be almost constant.

2- Choose the right finish

Each material withstands different ambient temperatures. If you use industrial ovens, barbecue, high temperature heaters or freezers, you will need to take this factor into account when selecting tableware for your business.

Not only the natural resistance of the tableware to temperature variation is important, but you should also look at the wear and tear it produces over time. For example, a dish may be resistant to one type of oven, but continuous exposure may affect its color, for example.

3- Take into account the washing method

Washing dishes by hand is not the same as washing them in an automatic washing machine. The time and force applied differ greatly. There are even dishes that, due to their design, cannot be washed in a washing machine, so you should evaluate if it is possible for a person to dedicate part of his time to their care.

You will need to buy a different type of tableware, depending on the staff and kitchen facilities of your hotel or restaurant.

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