Tips for choosing the perfect waiter uniform

Tips for choosing the perfect waiter uniform

The waiter uniforms worn by the staff of your hospitality business are the first impression your guests and customers get. It can be in a hotel, a hostel, or simply a restaurant or cafeteria. In each of them, the appearance and presentation of the staff that greets them generates the first emotions. And like everything in life, they can be positive or negative.

What image do you want to project?

It turns out to be the central issue. When setting up a business you must think of a concept. It can be a vintage hotel or restaurant, modern, classic like the ones in the hotel chains of each city or original, that is to say, different from what any tourist is used to.

This decision should not only be reflected in the premises but also in the personnel. Everything must be "One". In tune with the concept. After all, that is what a guest is looking for to feel at ease.

A state-of-the-art restaurant or hotel will require modern waiter uniforms.

¿Will the uniforms remain valid over time?

This point is related to the previous one. If you are classic, you will not have too many changes in the future since the models of uniforms for waiters remain practically the same. If, on the other hand, you opt for something modern and original, you know that these concepts are always changing. Year by year trends change and so at the beginning of each season you will have to re-evaluate if your team's clothing is the right one.

Waiter uniforms

We can categorize the uniforms for waiters into:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Aprons with and without bib and brace

All of them, besides being resistant and beautiful, must be practical. The workdays are intense and long, so the waiter must feel that his uniform, in the categories mentioned above, help him in his work. Discomfort should be left out of the analysis. 

Durability and Care

The uniforms you find in Pink Ant have a fabric specially made for the world of hospitality. The fabrics are different from those you can find in a high street store dedicated to fashion.

The reason is that you must wash them more than once every week, in addition to having replacement units. That's why they must last more than a few weeks. Hospitality uniforms get stained, wrinkled, damaged, cut and even more subjected to perspiration due to long hours on the move.


All hotel and restaurant waiter teams are composed of men and women of different ages and physical builds. That's why you need to have several sizes and replacement units available. Replacements and substitutions are commonplace in foodservice, so it is best to have a safety stock. 

At the moment of making your choice you can count on the size chart on our website, so that you can avoid unnecessary returns.

In this aspect you must make sure that the uniform model is in accordance with the image. There are restaurants that prefer fitted models, so you should look at these additional aspects at the time of selecting the measurements.

Conclusions when choosing your waiter's uniform: Pros and Cons

If you choose modern, vintage or original models, as these will better accompany the value proposition of your hotel or restaurant, you will have as a pro the fact that there are models that fit perfectly with the image you want to convey. As a disadvantage, you will have to change the uniform from year to year depending on the seasonal fashion.

If you opt for the classic instead, you will have as a pro the fact that you will be able to repeat the choice year after year. The downside is that fashions and markets change, and you certainly don't want to be left out of what happens in the season.

Browse our uniform collections and find options to make your customers feel at ease when they are served by your staff.

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