How to choose the right tableware for your hotel

How to choose the right tableware for your hotel

The plating of your restaurant's menu is a process that, although simple, should involve an analysis of some questions. What color should the tableware of your hotel or restaurant be? What is the appropriate design of your plates, bowls and salad bowls? Is there an ideal size?

When it comes to choosing tableware for your hotel, do you want to be traditional?

It is one of the most important issues. Sometimes it is better to be so, when there is no requirement as far as the aesthetics of your business is concerned. For this, when in doubt, it is best to opt for white. It is a classic for hospitality tableware. It does not fail and does not disappoint.

If, on the other hand, there is a very marked line of design that your restaurant should have, then you will have to go after tableware that is in the same line. Its availability will always be more limited but you can still find enough options to make your decision.

What type of tableware to use in your hotel?

It is not always mandatory to use plates. There are modern options such as bowls, salad bowls or even ramekins to present menu items in a different way. It helps the customer's perception and ultimately impacts the customer experience in your restaurant or cafeteria, whether in hotels, hostels or rural houses.

What is the ideal material for the best durability of the tableware?

Unfortunately this question cannot be taken in isolation, as it ultimately depends on the design you are looking for and the type of tableware you want to use.

Melamine is the most resistant material but when it comes to excellence, porcelain is much better. Glass is practically mandatory in some issues as everyone already knows. 

That is why the choice of the composition material of your catering tableware is something that depends on other issues.

Hotel tableware designs and costs

In the nature of the hotelier the issue of costs is not a minor one. But be careful because the design of the tableware is fundamental to keep your customers and guests coming back again and again. Don't cut corners where you shouldn't. In the end, as they always say "cheap is expensive".

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