Main features of the perfect kitchen uniform

Main features of the perfect kitchen uniform

At Pink Ant we are always on the lookout for kitchen uniforms. For all positions: from chef, head chef and cook, to kitchen assistant. All restaurant teams, both in hotels and hostels, always try to be ready to serve their customers and guests.

In order to evaluate the essential characteristics that your uniforms should have, we recommend paying attention to some questions.

Choosing the perfect kitchen uniform: Comfort

Kitchen uniforms should be comfortable. Sometimes it's one of the last details to be looked at, but it's actually a very important one. The kitchen staff spends hours preparing dishes, both when there are customers and when the restaurant is closed. If the cooks are not comfortable, the day is more complicated.

Choose the perfect kitchen uniform: Durability

Kitchen uniforms are washed continuously as they are frequently stained and soiled. That is why they must be resistant to washing over time, so that they can be used throughout the season. 

Choose the perfect kitchen uniform: Wash

Taking the previous point, it is important that the washing is easy to perform. That is to say that with a standard machine wash you should be able to use them again. Without complications because there is never really time for them.

Choose the perfect kitchen uniform: Professional look

That's how they should look: professional. When a customer enters a restaurant, the impact of uniforms should be positive. It provides a sense of security. Of hygiene and cleanliness. That's why your kitchen team should look like this. The chef is the most observed figure, don't forget that.

Choose the perfect kitchen uniform: Protection

In professional kitchens there are many elements and machinery that can generate work accidents. There are many hours, there is speed in the movement of the equipment and many times the orders do not stop. That is why distraction is the order of the day. And that is when accidents happen. Uniforms must have protective elements to help avoid some of them.

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