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Aspects to consider before buying hotel sheets

A guest's stay in a hotel is always associated with pleasure and relaxation. People usually seek to rest and spend a good time with their family, partner or simply with themselves.

At this point, hotel sheets occupy an important place. Their softness and comfort are perceived as fundamental. After all, the contact is direct: customers sleep on them.

It sometimes happens that guests ask the hotel about the supplier of hospitality linens, in order to buy them for their home. Such can be the impact on their stay.

Product details

So, what is the factor that determines the quality of the sheet? What is the secret behind a good purchase?

Well, we are going to tell you about it right here. These are some questions that you should observe when buying sheets if you work or you are the owner of a hotel, a hostel, a rural house or a tourist rental apartment such as an airbnb.

Fabric composition

There are two main divisions in the market: those made of cotton and those made of cotton-polyester. 

The best in terms of quality are cotton sheets. They are soft to the touch and allow you to sleep more comfortably. They generally have a good resistance to the continuous washing that any hotel sheet undergoes. Among the additional aspects to highlight we can say that they are generally the most expensive to buy and, in addition, they need more ironing.

Sheets composed of cotton and polyester are below those mentioned above in terms of quality. As they are not 100% cotton, their softness is a little less, although they are still comfortable for the guest. They are the most popular because their price is usually more economical compared to cotton, and they also require less ironing. Their durability is extended over time and through washing. The aspect to take into account is the percentage of each of the parts of the fabric. Ideally, they should be 50% cotton - 50% polyester. Sometimes you can find sheets of 30% cotton - 70% polyester. They are usually found at lower purchase prices, but they lose softness and the user experience is worse.


In the hotel and catering industry, almost all bed linen is white. This factor is essentially due to two reasons. On the one hand, for a question of image and consequent customer perception. The white color transmits cleanliness and impeccability.

The second factor is directly related to the cost of the product. White is usually the lowest cost color at the time of production, and therefore the lowest purchase price for you to replace the sheets for your hotel.


If you have a hotel with standard size beds, then everything is simpler and cheaper. The most common beds are 90 and 135 (i.e. single and double beds). You can find intermediate and larger stockings, but sometimes they require longer planned purchases as the sheet manufacturers make them to measure.

Keep in mind that top sheets should always be slightly longer than fitted sheets. This will prevent them from being excessively taut, which will help sleeping comfort.


Hospitality sheets have a higher resistance to laundering than household sheets because they are manufactured for that specific purpose. Every time a guest leaves, the sheets are sent to the laundry. It is an endless cycle.

Normally you should renew your sheet sets once a year or at least every 6 months. Remember to have replacements in stock as they are always stained or damaged by use.

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