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All the secrets of hotel towels

I'm sure it's happened to you. Every time you go to a hotel, the towels seem to be from another planet. So much softer and nicer than the ones in a home, and that white color that never seems to go away!

And you've probably thought about taking them with you or just finding out where to buy them. Many people feel this way. We are going to tell you some questions related to hotel towels.

The secrets of hotel towels: Color

You will almost always find them in white. This is due to the fact that the towels are intended to match the decoration of the rooms. At the same time, because a white towel for hospitality transmits cleanliness and that feeling of something "new".

But then we wonder, how do hotels keep their towels looking so white?

On the one hand, since they are washed continuously, hotels can use less aggressive washing programs. Hotel towels, being manufactured for this purpose, withstand the number of washes much better.

On the other hand, the detergents used are industrial. This means that they give a better treatment to the fabric at the time of washing. In the drying process, the hotel towels are removed from the machine before they are completely dry, placing them to finish the process in contact with the air.

The secrets of hotel towels: The weave

Another fundamental aspect. The fabric is usually made of 100% cotton. This fact not only gives us a better feeling when drying, but also helps the resistance over time. Those manufactured with a percentage of polyester can be found in the market, but unfortunately this material worsens the experience of the product: it has less absorption capacity and is harder when in contact with the skin of the guest.

The fabrics that make up the towels are special for hotels, since it is important that their characteristics such as color and texture remain in good condition for the duration of the entire season.

As far as thread count is concerned, we can find towels that generally range from 144 to 200 threads. The higher the thread count of a hotel towel, the softer it will be.

The secrets of hotel towels: The grammage

The weight of hotel towels is determined by the weight and size of the towels. The heavier the weight, the softer and more solid the towels will be when drying them correctly.

This is why shower towels are usually heavier than, for example, washcloths, since the amount of water to be absorbed will be greater.

This is not usually the case in a household towel, where the weights tend to be the same for all towels. However, in a hotel towel, this aspect is a highly valued condition.

Conclusions on hotel towels

The materials that make up a hotel towel and its treatment at the time of washing and drying are the conditions that differentiate these from those we can find in any home. You can find towels for hotels on our website, so that you can access the best quality, always at the best price.

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